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Siegfried Meier

Online Mix Series - End to End Workflow with the band Kittie [#1025] - 4hrs

Online Mix Series - End to End Workflow with the band Kittie [#1025] - 4hrs

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Pro Audio Production Workflow - Online Mix Series [#1025] - 4hrs

Want a direct inside look into how professional records are made in the modern world by a working, successful Producer/Engineer – recording aficionados who don’t have the time and money to spend years at a recording school – musicians and artists who want to maximize their dollars, recording their own demos/final works are all individuals who may greatly benefit from this video.

In this video, you'll follow the mix workflow Siegfried uses while mixing the band Kittie.

The industry is changing, and artists need to invest in their future as much as they can. Technology and music recording equipment are more affordable than ever, and the results can be amazing when the tools are used in the right hands. Having made records for over 30 years, Siegfried Meier will show you how to effectively use those tools to your advantage, and help you become a better Producer/Engineer!

Want to know more about Siegfried Meier? Check out his bio here.


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