Face to Face - Hold Fast Face to Face - Live in a Dive Face to Face - Laugh Now Laugh Later Face to Face - No Way Out But Through Face to Face - Standard and Practices Helix - Eat Sleep Rock Gord Prior - These Are Killers Kittie - Runaways Helix - Old School Icarus - Daedelus Kittie - I've Failed You Kittie - Origins Kissin' Time - Canada's Tribute to KISS Jersey - Gerneration Genocide The Hunt Club Kittie - In The Black Kittie - Oracle Kittie - Space Oddity Ridgeway Mudmen - Old Plaid Shirt Limitless Soundtrack The Light Division - Oh So Close Machete Avenue - The First Cuts  A Tribute to Seaweed - Hours and Hours Pile High Riverside - Goodbye Broadway, Hello Hollywood Matthew Johnston Painted Faces - Vinyl Signs The Hunt Club - SectorSeven Riverside - Newspeak Ryan Mills - Deepest Blue Seconds To Go - Mucho Respecto Seconds To Go - Kover Seconds To Go Saw VI Stuck Out Here - Getting Used To Feeling Like Shit   The Dunes - Subject to Change Stuck Out Here - Until We're Each Someone Else SectorSeven Thine Eyes Bleed Static Prevails - Verax Stuck Out Here The Synaesthetic - Locomotive The Synaesthetic - Distractions Fold A to B The Salads - Music Every Day The Soap Opear Coma - We Came For The Blood Thrawsunblat - Grat Brunswick Forest Thrawsunblat - Metachthonia Thrawsunblat - Insula Awake And Dreaming - It's Always Midnight In Sin City White Swan - Nocturnal Transmission Diary of a Wimpy Kid The Soap Opear Coma - The Rising Cost of Living The Un-Teens The World Over - Mountains The World Over - Venti Blue Skies At War - You Pour The Gasoline I'll Light the Match Welcome to Bordertown Dana Manning - Folkyo Chase Compulsive Breaching Vista - Vera City Breaching Vista - Breaking the View DMX Eurotrip Broken Glass Wings - The Stilletto Killers Dog Tooth Violet Artificial Dissemination - Take Us To Your Leader B.D. Gottfried - Motion Fever Baptized in Blood - Gutter Bound The Alcohollys - Flashback AIA B.D. Gottfried - Onion Doves Bordertown B.D. Gottfried - Through the Dog's Eyes Baptized in Blood Article One Adam Wendler - All or Nothing Adam Wendler - Never Go Unknown Adam Wendler - The Compass

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